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Swoon Magazine Girl Boss Interview SWOON: Tell us how you started Replenish Dog Water Supplement? I first constructed the idea of Replenish water supplement one hot Houston day when I was at the dog...

SWOON: Tell us how you started Replenish Dog Water Supplement?

I first constructed the idea of Replenish water supplement one hot Houston day when I was at the dog park with my dog, Sammy, and he became overheated and dehydrated. It was at that moment I realized there needed to be a safe and effective method to rehydrate dogs to prevent them from having a heat stroke and having to go to the vet. That experience inspired me to research what nutrients have been proven to effectively help canine athletes recover faster after activity and to enhance their performance. With my background in Biochemistry and veterinary medicine and my experience as an All-American track athlete, I developed the ideal formula to rehydrate, re-energize, prevent injury, and improve your dog’s performance which I named Replenish.

SWOON: What are the daily struggles with being a #girlboss?

The fun part about being a #girlboss is that I get to tackle so many different types of challenges every day! On a daily basis I am trying to provide exceptional veterinary care to my patients, while running my dog supplement business in my off time, and also being a mother to three beautiful children. I never get bored!

SWOON: What do you like most about your job- What is most rewarding?

I love that being a veterinarian is constantly challenging me to learn and allows me to take my knowledge to creatively solve problems. It is extremely rewarding to being able to heal sick animals and mend their owner’s worries. It is also exciting to be able to bring together all of my interests of dogs, biochemistry, nutrition, and athletics to create a product that can significantly promote healthier dogs and enhance performance.

SWOON: What makes your business different from others around you?

I created Replenish Dog Water Supplement to fill a void in dog nutrition. When I researched existing products related to dog dehydration it was apparent that most items on the market were not made by a veterinarian and did not have research to support their efficacy. I saw an immediate need for a tailored, all-natural product that would be safe for my patients. After intensive research, I found the ingredients that have been scientifically proven to enhance recovery and formulated a simple and effective product that is manufactured here in Texas.

SWOON: Tell our readers what your daily routine is like?

Balancing my career as a veterinarian, mother, and small business owner provides a lot of excitement! After I send my children off to school, I typically have a call with a supplier, customer or potential business relationship on my commute to the veterinary clinic. While at the clinic I am dedicated to healing, preventing illness, and performing surgeries on my dogs, cats, and occasionally exotic animals. It is after my day job that I reserve some time to focus on building Replenish usually by setting a goal for each day given there is always too much to do. Example of daily goals include: building a digital advertising campaign, complete a customer contract, read relevant research, negotiate purchase orders with venders etc. Then I spend as much time with my kids and dog until their bedtime until I once again work on Replenish.


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