Replenish Dog

Dr. Rachel's Replenish Dog Water Supplement (Wholesale - 20 Units)

Manufactured in the USA with all natural products. It is dairy free, grain free, soy free and flavored with all natural chicken flavoring. It is manufactured at a laboratory in the USA that is GMP and NSG certified and who also follows the FDA current Good Manufacturing Practices. This product has been created using all AAFCO approved ingredients.
Benefits of Replenish Dog Water Supplement

ENTICING CHICKEN FLAVOR: Dr. Rachel's Replenish is a powdered water additive that tastes great to dogs! They can't resist it once it touches their lips!

NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT: This health supplement contains carbohydrates, Proteins, B vitamins, and antioxidants for recovery after exercise or during sickness.

DEVELOPED BY A VETERINARIAN: Dr. Rachel's Replenish was developed by a vet and biochemist and is rooted in science. Made in the USA.

ENERGY BOOST: Prevent dehydration and help your pup regain strength and agility after hiking, hunting, and running or when recovering from illness.

ALL NATURAL: Contains dextrose, dried chicken broth, blueberry powder, and pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vitamin B6) and Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12). There are no electrolytes because excess supplementation can be harmful.


B Vitamins

Blueberry Powder

Dried Chicken Broth


Directions for Use:

For best results offer Dr. Rachel's Replenish mixture during activity or within 1 hour following activity. Refer to the chart for mixing directions. Combine recommended water and packets(s) of powder and swirl solution. Offer to dog and discard the remaining mixture. Continue to offer additional water as needed.

Suggested Amount of Solution:


Cups Water


3-10 lbs

1/2 cup

1/2 packet

11-30 lbs

1 cup

1 packet

31-70 lbs

2 cup

1 packet

> 70 lbs

3 cup

2 packet

*Please offer additional water as needed


This product is intended for intermitten or supplementary feeding only.

As always, consult with your veterinarian to be sure this product is right for your pet.

Other Uses

Use On Food

Use as a food topper to help make meals more enticing.

Cool with Nutrition

Freeze into ice cubes to help cool your dog in hot weather

Why Replenish?

Rooted in Science


If dogs are dehydrated, they will not be able to adequately lower their overall body temperature by panting. Increases in water consumption increase the overall blood volume and thus allow more volume to be cooled by the panting. Replenish is a chicken flavored hypotonic solution that will entice our dogs to drink enough water to rehydrate their body. The hypotonic concentration enhances absorption and delivery of nutrients to vital organs and muscles.

Energy Storage

Exercise also depletes the body’s energy storage in the cells which is referred to as “glycogen”. Recent studies suggest that consumption of simple sugars such as dextrose, one of the main components of this product, within a few hours of exercise will replenish the glycogen storage in the dog’s cells back to almost 90-100% capacity compared to the 50-70% that is normally reobtained with a normal diet fed the evening after exercise. This product will significant help with fatigue and soreness that is normally felt the day after an active day.

Full Body Support

Hydration is necessary to support brain and other organ cooling during exercise and high temperatures. Additionally, hydration is needed for the muscles to be adequately perfused by blood. Inadequate perfusion can lead to lactic acid production and heat generation. Severe dehydration also puts our pets at risk of organ damage and heat stroke.


Replenish contains Vitamin B6 and B12. B Vitamins are upregulated during extreme exercise and supplementation can help replenish their storage. Vitamin Bs are very safe because they are water soluble vitamins and any excess ingestion will be excreted in the dog’s urine.

Oxidative Damage

Extreme exercise has also been shown to cause oxidative damage to the cells. Replenish contains blueberry extract to provide antioxidants in the forms of polyphenols and cyanidins, to help combat oxidative damage. Blueberry supplementation has been scientifically proven in sled dogs to significantly increase the blood antioxidant concentrations after consumption.

No Electrolytes

Replenish does NOT contain electrolytes. Dogs do not sweat when exercising and therefore do not lose electrolytes like we do. Adding supplemental electrolytes could actually be harmful to the dogs because excess electrolytes can cause diuresis and additional dehydration.

Replenish Dog Water Supplement

Introduction by Dr. Walsh

Replenish Dog Water Supplement

Replenish is Made for All Dog Types!